Estate and Trust Administration

The loss of a loved one is traumatic and loved ones should not have to suffer unnecessary stress associated with the probate of a will and or an intestate administration if the individual passed away without a valid will and, if required, the administration of a trust.  However, many legal, financial and administrative steps must be taken to properly administer an Estate (Estate Administration) and/or a Trust (Trust Administration).


Theodore A. Gollnick, P.A. can provide the Personal Representative (the individual named in the will to administer the deceased's estate) with representation through their initial appointment as Personal Representative, through their carrying out of numerous duties required by Florida Law, and through the eventual distribution of the estate probate assets and their subsequent discharge as Personal Representative (the closing of a court file).


In cases where Trust administration is required, Theodore A. Gollnick, P.A. will represent the Successor Trustee (the individual named to replace the deceased Trustee) and guide them through the administration of the Trust, advising them of their duties under Florida Law from the time they accept their role as Successor Trustee through the distribution of the Trust assets and the termination of the Trust.  

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